Dr Mir Malkani


Fue Hair Transplant Surgeon

Dr Mir Malkani MBBS FRCS, aged 47, is a pioneer and innovator in the field of FUE Hair Transplants in London. After achieving

Dr Mir Malkani

Dr Mir Malkani

Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons in 1997, Dr Malkani had the opportunity to work in a range of specialties in Dublin, London, Sussex and Midlands including Trauma Surgery, General Surgery, in Plastic Surgery and Dermatology. Dr Malkani additionally achieved qualifications in General Practice and is a practising hair transplant Surgeon and a part time GP. Dr Malkani has taken keen interest in and practised Facial Aesthetics, body sculpting and hair loss for several years. Because of his surgical qualifications, experience, skills and understanding of facial cosmetology he has mastered the most modern and advanced techniques and artistry in FUT (STRIP surgery) and FUE hair Surgery and has helped transform the lives of his male, female and transgender patients.

In 2008, Dr Malkani had the honour to be invited to lecture on The Art and Sciences of Hair Restoration surgery and Hair loss in the annual meeting of the British Association of Cosmetic Doctors at The Royal College of Physicians in London. Dr Malkani has trained in the specialty of Hair Restoration Surgery in The United Kingdom, Italy and Asia and has worked on thousands of hair transplant patients over the past 10 years. Being a member of the British Association of Hair restoration Surgeons he has been kept in touch of constant new developments in the industry. Additionally Dr Malkani is one of a handful Hair Surgeons in the UK who have acquired expertise in Individual Grafting Extraction (also called FUE), which is new celebrity hair transplant technique that is widely spoken about in the market.

INNOVATION: Through his observation and experience over the years Mr Malkani realised that grafts obtained by FUE technique are different to those obtained by Strip technique in that FUE grafts tend to be more delicate and therefore they required much more careful handling whilst implanting them to improve the survival rate and ultimately to give better hair growth. He therefore has invented a unique technique to place the FUE grafts with conventional instruments which is different to the conventional technique of placement of Strip grafts. There has been a marked improvement in results since the application of his specialist unique technique.

Membership of professional bodies by Dr Malkani includes The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, The British association of Hair Restoration Surgery and The British Association of Cosmetic Doctors and British Medical Association. He has been featured by the national press and BBC as one of the key up and coming, versatile hair transplant surgeons in the UK.

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