Breast Uplift – Mastopexy


Breast UpliftMastopexy is the medical name for surgery to lift the breasts. This procedure is carried out on women who experience sagging or drooping of the breast, known as ptosis. This commonly occurs after a loss of volume to the breasts, such as after pregnancy or losing weight. It can also be a result of general ageing as the skin and ligaments that support the breasts begin to stretch and the breasts lose their youthful shape.

A Breast Uplift operation is carried out under general anaesthetic and requires an overnight stay at the Hospital. Incisions are made around the nipple and often in a vertical line downwards to the crease of the breast. The soft tissues of the breast are then adjusted, the nipple is moved upwards and the skin is tightened. This raises the breast and creates a more youthful contour. This surgery can also be combined with breast implants to produce additional elevation and enlargement.

After surgery a dressing is applied and the patient will usually wear a surgical bra or a sports bra. There may also be drains in each breast which are removed after 24 hours. Pain is often felt for the first 2 days after surgery and movement will be restricted for up to 2 weeks. The sutures are usually removed at around 10 days. You should be able to return to work after 2 weeks and exercise after 4 weeks or more.

Following the surgery there may be a change in nipple sensation that should resolve itself when the breasts are fully healed. However, there can be a permanent loss of sensation and breastfeeding may not be possible after a Mastopexy. There can also be very slight irregularities in the shape of the breasts and the position of the nipples. These differences tend to be very minor and rarely need adjustment. The scars around the areola usually heal well and are inconspicuous, however, the vertical scar is more noticeable although this will fade and improve greatly with time.

It is necessary to come in for a pre-operative assessment at the hospital about a week prior to surgery. This usually takes about 30 minutes and will be carried out by our Registered Medical Officer (RMO). It is also important to remember to make time for post-operative consultation with the surgeon.

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