MR Umar Khan

Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon

As an Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon in a private set up, my workload is entirely aesthetic procedures involving Face Lift, Blepharoplasties, Rhinoplasties, Breast Augmentation, Breast Reduction, Breast uplift, Mastopexy with Augmentation mammoplasty, Abdominoplasties, Liposuction etc

Working in this large unit under six consultants, I completed five years of RITA certified training as a Specialist Registrar. I gained extensive experience in aesthetic, burns, and reconstructive procedures. I also obtained experience in free tissue transfer for reconstructive breast surgery, compound fractures of limbs and Oro-facial malignancies. My special area of interest was perforator based local flaps for soft tissue cover of compound limb fractures. I carried out highly scientific research and study of related vascular anatomy and presented my work at national and international levels. This unit has active ITU facilities for burns and skin lab equipped with dedicated staff and facilities for skin culture. As a trainee I was actively involved in research and teaching.

Working as a Registrar in plastic surgery unit at this hospital I had the opportunity of dealing with acute burns injuries. I also got involved with hand and facial congenital deformities, head, neck and oral malignancies.

Having resolved to pursue a career in plastic surgery, I went to Ireland to train towards a Fellowship in General Surgery and gain experience in Plastic Reconstructive surgery. An opportunity subsequently presented itself in England, which I took and obtained further training in Plastic Surgery as a specialist registrar. After completing five years of training at specialist registrar level, I had an opportunity to work in National Health Trust and gained experience in aesthetic plastic surgical procedures. I later chose to work in private sector in 1999 and since than working as an Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon in a private setup.

Teaching Experience

Being attached to the main to teaching hospitals, I have been involved in the teaching of medical students and tutorials. Active participation and presentations were an important part of my training.