Surgical Procedures

If you decide to have cosmetic surgery, it’s important that the surgeon and other healthcare professionals carrying out the procedure are fully qualified and experienced in the type of procedure you’re having.You should discuss the procedure in detail with your surgeon. Ask as many questions as you need to so that you’re fully aware of what the procedure involves, how it will be carried out, what the results will be and whether there will be any after effects.Here at London Welbeck Hospital, we specialise in many procedures. Click on the menu items for more information on each procedure or contact us today to book your consultation with one of our fully qualified and experienced surgeon.  Surgical ProceduresSurgical Procedures

We are committed to provide you with excellent care, support and advice on every step of your journey. From helping you decide which cosmetic surgery procedure, or Laser & Skin Treatment, will get the results you want, through to after your procedure and beyond with our comprehensive aftercare.Surgical Procedures Surgical Procedures Surgical Procedures


 The Breast

01Breast Augmentation and enlargement is one of the most popular cosmetic  procedures. There are many ways in which one can enhance a natural cleavage, however, the only real way to create significantly enlarged breasts is through inserting a prosthesis or breast implant.The purpose of the breast implant is to push your own breast tissue up and outwards, resulting in a natural look, feel and behaviour of   Read more


The Face


During the ageing process skin can lose its elasticity and fatty tissue under the skin may start to shrink in volume. This could cause skin to cease to follow the contour of the face so closely and therefore become loose. This process becomes more noticeable in the cheek area at the bulk of the cheek, resulting in a fold of tissue from the side of the nose to below the jaw line, causing a heavy jowl. The Read more


The Body


Abdominoplasty or Tummy Tuck, is a procedure performed on patients who are not overweight but sometimes have problem areas like bulging stomachs, or loose, folded skin around the abdomen. It is very common for people who have lost weight, sometimes following pregnancy, to have excess skin that cannot be resolved by dieting. People may notice weakness in their abdominal muscles. Stretch marks Read more


Surgeons Accreditation

All our Surgeons hold recognised official accreditation. London Welbeck Hospital is proud to be a recognised hospital of the highest standards. When choosing a surgeon to perform your cosmetic surgery procedure, it is important you look for signs of recognition from official governing bodies and institutions. Surgical Proceduresal Procedures Surgical Procedures 

All of our surgeons are fully UK trained and accredited. Not only fully recognised for their skill but also continually evaluated and audited to make sure the standard remains held high. Below is a list of governing bodies that have awarded official recognition to our surgeons and London based practice.Surgical Procedures Surgical Procedures

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