Breast Enlargement

The purpose of the breast implant is to push your own breast tissue up and outwards, resulting in a natural look and behaviour of the breast. 

This is an operation to lift and reshape sagging breasts, giving you a firmer, more youthful-looking bust line.

Plastic surgery is one method of protracting inverted nipples.

Breast Reduction surgery (Mammoplasty) is performed to reduce the size of large, heavy breasts.

 This operation alters the size and shape of the nose to create a new profile and bring it into proportion with the rest of the facial contours.

Blepharoplasty involves the removal of baggy skin from the upper and lower lids, along with any excess fat and muscle.

The most effective way of significantly altering an unfavourable appearance is to have this kind of surgery.

A Brow Lift, also known as a Coronal Lift, involves raising and tightening the skin over and around the eyebrows.

The Neck Lift procedure involves the removal of loose skin and tightening of sagging muscles.

The purpose of fat grafting is to augment or fill in volume-deficient areas.

The chin augmentation procedure is undertaken as a method of increasing the profile the chin.

A simple procedure which can correct torn earlobes or reposition protruding ears closer to the head.

It is designed to reduce the size of the breast area which can cause embarrassment and lack of confidence.

A procedure performed on patients who have problem areas like bulging stomachs, or loose, folded skin around the abdomen.

Liposculpture is a refinement on the process of Liposuction using finer instruments and a more modern technique.

Before proceeding with an arm or thigh lift, we offer a free medical consultation with a specialized surgeon.

Patented VASER technology and the advanced Lipo Selection technique offer a safe alternative for eliminating unwanted fat, revealing a smooth new shape with fast recovery.

Bunion surgery is a surgical procedure performed to treat bunions, which are bony protrusions that develop on the joint at the base of the big toe

The purpose of scar revision is to improve the appearance of unsightly facial/body scars, blemishes and moles.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a hair transplant technique used to harvest individual hair follicles for transplantation.

This minimally invasive procedure effectively treats and reduces varicose veins, improving leg appearance and alleviating discomfort.