Taking it on The Chin

The desire for a more masculine face is “the new front line of cosmetic surgery for men”, according to an American news article.

Lesley Rotchford of Fox News reported that men are turning to cosmetic surgery to help them beat the effects of long working days, sleep deprivation and frequent hangovers.

She quoted an example of a man who said that “busting [his] butt working out four days a week” was keeping the rest of his body in shape, but could do nothing to stop the signs of aging appearing on his neck.

‘Nick’ (not his real name) is typical of many modern men in wanting a finely-honed, square-jawed look which reflects the bodily physique he works hard to maintain.

Dr Steven Tetelbaum, associate professor of plastic surgery at University College Los Angeles’ school of medicine, said: “There’s less of a desire now for a conventionally beautiful white-bread face. People are embracing strong features like ethnic, non-traditional noses.”

So in order to give their faces a balanced look, men were having chin implants – which have seen a recent increase of 71 per cent, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

And this popularity is also being driven by the availability of micro-liposuction procedures which can tighten up the jawline, and take as little as half an hour.

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