DR. George Manole

(MD) – Consultant Urologist
Registered with General Medical Council: 7541235

Dr. George Manole (MD) is a highly experienced and devoted Consultant Urologist. He graduated from the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Iuliu Hatieganu” Cluj Napoca, Romania, in 2005 and completed his specialty training in Urology. This was followed by various clinical studies in Minneapolis, USA and Maastricht, Netherland. Having established his main work in UK, he continues to contribute to the medical community in Romania. He is also a member of Romanian Association of Urology (RAU) and European Association of Urology (EAU).

Since then, he has been practicing alongside aesthetic surgeons and surgical teams across London which has given him the exposure and piqued his interest to pursue training and practicing in the aesthetics field.

Dr Manole is an expert in many conditions related to Andrology, Genital Aesthetics to Men’s sexual disfunction and regenerative medicine, with a special focus on non- surgical techniques for penis enlargement and Peyronie’s disease (penile curvature). He provides a wide range of treatment options for patients who suffer from erectile disfunction and premature ejaculation. He also offers conservative medical treatments as well as the latest minimal invasive non-surgical treatments.

As a Urologist, Dr Manole conducts consultations for diagnosing and treating bladder, prostate, kidneys, and male sex organs. Dr Manole continuously advocates for early diagnostic and treatment as part of a prophylactic and preventive approach in urology. Dr Manole works closely within the private sector in Romania as well as the UK, offering early diagnostic and treatments using ultrasound scans, Endoscopies and Echo guided biopsies to Uro-oncological patients.