MR. Dan Marsh

Plastic Surgeon

Mr Dan Marsh, Pioneer of the ‘short scar breast augmentation’, is a highly experienced UK trained plastic surgeon – London based, but also offering clinics and treatments in Hertfordshire, plus the world famous Harley Street.

Specialising in all types of plastic and aesthetic surgery, Mr Marsh was drawn to cosmetic surgical procedures due to the unique challenges and opportunities that plastic surgery provides. He’s passionate about the human’s body ability to be remodelled and rejuvenated, pushed to the very limits of surgical and aesthetic possibilities.

His initial passion and focus in surgery centred on breast and facial surgery, for both reconstructive and cosmetic purposes, and as Dan’s knowledge grew, so did his areas of expertise – he is now a well-respected and recognised plastic surgeon.

Dan embraces the ever-improving techniques, equipment, and materials available within cosmetic surgery to ensure his patients have the most comfortable experience and enjoy the very best results.

London provided much of the backdrop for Dan’s training as a plastic surgeon, following his graduation from Bristol University in 2001 – where he trained in general medicine and surgery before deciding to specialise in 2005.

In the final year of his training Dan spent time learning new techniques at plastic surgery units in Europe and the United States as well as training in aesthetic surgery in London. Now, after completing over 3,000 plastic surgery operations (and counting!), Dan’s many memberships and appointments include:

• Registered on the GMC specialist register for Plastic Surgery

• Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of England

• A substantive NHS post at the Royal Free Hospital, London

• A member of the British Association of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons

• A member of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons

He also has Fellowships in the United States, where he learned new techniques and ways of working, particularly on the use of sedation and local anaesthetic to reduce hospital stays, improve patient safety, and reduce post-operative discomfort. Dan has a PhD from University College London and continues to produce high quality research. He has over 30 peer reviewed publications, regularly presents his work at international plastic surgery meetings and has been awarded several prizes including the prestigious Hackett Prize from the British Association of Aesthetic Surgeons.

If you’re looking for a leading plastic surgeon in London, call Mr Marsh on 0203 733 2069, and he’ll be happy to arrange a consultation for the cosmetic surgery procedure you require.