MR. Mohammad Ghazavi

MD (Hons), Chir Plast (Hons), MicroSurg (Hons)
Consultant Plastic Surgeon

I am an experienced Dermatologist working in both the NHS and private sector with an active involvement in research and education. My scope of practice covers a large area, including simple and complex skin surgery for both harmless and cancerous lesions, using non-surgical options for the majority of skin diseases, and, more importantly, applying the most advanced technology for treating challenging conditions such as vitiligo, and persistent unsightly hair, nail, and skin diseases localised, but on exposed part of the body with a significant impact on patients confidence and social and personal life.

Furthermore, I have built up my skills and experience in skin rejuvenation using the most advanced and effective non-invasive and semi-invasive methods suitable for all skin types. Excessive sweating is another area that I am supporting patients suffering from. Having a considerable number of risk factors for ageing skin around us necessitates a reliable method of analysing the skin using the combination of clinical expertise and up-todate technology, which you will find in my clinic. It can also guide you to the proper methods to make and keep your skin young and healthy

My goal is to:

A) Save lives by early detection and treatment of potentially life-threatening skin cancer. Skin cancer is on the rise, and early detection and treatment of invasive ones such as melanoma can be life-saving. I use serial gross and dermoscopic (magnified) photos of a single lesion (not mole mapping) when needed. That helps both the dermatologist and patient to identify even very slight changes within a lesion to avoid any delays in treatment.

B) Help patients not only to treat their conditions but also to improve the consequent damage to their skin, such as scar and dyspigmentation from conditions like acne

C) See the improvement in their quality of life and confidence by helping them to have a better, younger, and more beautiful skin

D) Dermatology and aesthetics are rapidly progressing fields and I keep my knowledge and skills updated by attending world-recognised conferences to learn from my colleagues around the world and share my experience with them by delivering lectures, presenting my research outcomes, and chairing the meetings relevant to my expertise