Surgery Day Itinerary

Surgery Day Itinerary

What to expect before and after your surgery procedure with Dr. Farid Kazem and the KAZEM AESTHETICA team.

Some nerves around first-time surgical procedures and operations is to be expected.  However, the best way to assuage these feelings is of course to be prepared and fully informed. In the run up to your surgery day with KAZEM AESTHETICA there will be ample time to gather all the intel and data you need to feel assured and at ease.

Each surgery and every client is different and your experience will be tailored to your specific needs and requirements – but one thing that runs through all of our work is reassuring communication. If at any stage of your journey, you feel you need further clarification or questions arise – then we want you to feel totally comfortable in speaking up.

“My chief concern is the wellbeing and confidence of my patients,” comments founder and surgeon Dr. Farid Kazem. “It is why we take such care in getting to know you and spend time in discovering the ‘why’ behind your interest in surgery. I want you to feel 100% assured in your decision. Come surgery day, I simply want you to feel excited about seeing the revitalised you and enjoying your renewed confidence.”

Read on for a play-by-play account of a surgery day to give you a taste of what to expect.


A member of our KAZEM AESTHETICA team will meet you at the hospital at the scheduled time. We feel it is an important part of your experience that you are greeted by a familiar face who is fully versed on your case so you will be surrounded only by friends and encouragement. They will then lead you to your private room and get you changed into your hospital gown and settled into bed.

Next, Dr Kazem will drop by. He will once again give a full overview of your procedure before creating the relevant surgical markings. Should you have any further questions at this point, please just ask. Dr. Kazem can run you through the process, the expected results, and your recovery details once, twice, three more times.

Absolutely no problem.


Once you’re in the operating room, the team will introduce themselves and conduct the ‘time-out’ protocol, confirming your identity, the procedure, and surgical site. Dr Kazem will then of course go to scrub in and do the expected sterile dressing, while the anaesthesiologist puts you under.

In the case of breast augmentation surgery, you will begin in a horizontal position. Dr Kazem will make the incision and begin the procedure, first working on the right breast and placing the implant.

The next stage is a unique one and is just one of the many reasons why Dr. Kazem’s breast augmentation results are so successful. After the initial placement, you will be moved into a 90 degree, sitting up position so that Dr. Kazem can check for symmetry and arrangement of the implant, ensuring a natural shape to the breast. It necessitates extra time to guarantee you are secure during the manoeuvres and to manage the changes required in your anaesthesia, but it is time and care worth taking. This is of course replicated when working on the left breast.

Exclusive elements such as these promise matchless results and mark a KAZEM AESTHETICA treatment out from many alternatives.


Dr. Kazem works closely with his anaesthesiologist on a specific balance to ensure you are, of course, comfortably anaesthetised during the procedure, but that when you wake, you are fresh and rested, not groggy and nauseous.

We want you to stir comfortably and be alert so that your recovery begins right away, and that the procedure be as low impact as possible so you will be able to stand and even move yourself into your ward bed not long after surgery. Dr Kazem will then speak with you and share the story of your procedure and recovery outlines.


The KAZEM AESTHETICA method means no pain and very little downtime, but of course Dr Kazem will debrief you on any necessary recovery steps.

Should your post op’ checklist be OK, you will be able to leave the hospital after one hour and be able to eat and drink – but perhaps opt for sparkling water over champagne for now! Dr Kazem usually operates on a Saturday and on Sunday, he will call you to check in and see how you are feeling.

Two weeks later you will visit the KAZEM AESTHETICA clinic for a follow-up consultation and removal of your band aids. Dr Kazem will check your healing progress and gift you his specially formulated NEFERA Scar Revision Cream to use on your small incision scars. You will then be invited into scheduled
appointments after three and six months, and then every two years with our lifelong follow-up consultation promise.

Says Dr Kazem:

“With my method, there are no uncomfortable bandages or ugly surgical bras, just small protective plasters. There is no pain and very little downtime,
or recovery required. You can resume gentle tasks within 24 hours of surgery and return to your usual exercise regime within just six weeks. At KAZEM AESTHETICA, we want you to feel great as soon as you leave the operating theatre and regain your confidence immediately.”

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